29 12 / 2012

The Blog Police has spoken and sorry cake pops, you are not in the running to become 2013’s next top trend.

End of yet another year, and the start of 2013. Who would have guessed? Not the Mayans.

Here are the top trends we think will take place in 2013.

1. Friends with Fat.

2012 saw the gradual acceptance that fats are good for you. Spearheading this is the paleo food movement (if you’re new to paleo, you should really read Mark’s Daily Apple). We believe that this trend, backed by scientific study will continue into 2013, and paleo related food blogs will increase in numbers.So throw out the low fats and embrace the full fat goodness. Fat is good for you. Fat makes food tasty and keeps you full so you don’t deprive yourself just to stuff your face in the end.

2. Superfood

Acai, goji berries, chia seeds, <insert name of exotic fruit> will be claimed by Oprah or some gossip rag magazine as the Next Superfood and we will be sold. Every year there will be a newly tauted superfood, and there is no reason to believe that there won’t be another. What it will be, we don’t know but we can be sure that no actual scientific studies will be done despite marketing claims, and people will be easily suckered into more of these superfood fads. Yawn. Moving on.

3. Slow Down And Do Things

2012 saw the rise of Instagram and Pinterest. More and more we are pinning and repinning stuff on Pinterest. More and more we are taking photos of our foods with Instagram. I quote Sandra Garson from The Daily Dot’s “Are food blogs killing the joys of cooking?” (emphasis mine)

The Internet has made the most important kitchen tool no longer the knife, or the rolling pin, but the camera.

If your pictures do not come out the way you’d want everyone to desire it, you might as well be a lousy cook. Food is no longer about sustenance, food is about making it Pinterest-worthy.

That was 2012. We believe that in 2013, it will reach a point of saturation, and the market will change slightly. We often repin or reblog a recipe, thinking we’ll make it someday. With a dash of social media, a pinch of competitiveness and a hint of ego, that someday will be in 2013.

The seeds of social media, competitiveness and ego has been sowed. 2013 will find more people doing more than 2012. More people will be cooking from the stuff seen on Pinterest and Instagram and Tumblr. Whether they Tumblr and Pin or Instagram it, we can be sure there will be more doers in 2013.

4. Back to Basics

Very much in line with the food trend from #1, we believe that 2013 will also see a more back to basics in cooking. 2012 has been a wonderful year filled with cake pops, and fancy strings. But people will start to wonder why some things work and why some things don’t. They will then attempt to rebuild or understand things from the basics.

In doing so, we might also see the increased acceptance and usage (and most importantly, blogging) of modernist cooking methods built on solid understanding of the basics, as laid out in the landmark book Modernist Cuisine. We believe that 2013 could be the year that makes Modernist Cuisine game changing, much like Julia Child’s TV show or Escoffier’s recipe book. 

5. Copy to Share

Over the past years, we’ve seen people bitch and moan about copying recipes. Over the years too we have seen debates about whether there is an inherently original recipe. Over the years too, we have seen increased acceptance that sharing means copying and even tweaking. We believe that 2013 is the year that makes the difference. We believe that the controversy of copyrighted recipes will be over, and people will fully accept that copying to share a recipe is a Good Thing, and that it contributes to humanity in overall.

Heck, we believe this trend so greatly that we’ve made a manifesto around it. We believe that in copying (and tweaking) a recipe to share contributes to our collective knowledge, and bit by bit, will make the world a better place.

Here’s to a fantastic 2013.